It is my MISSION to implement your VISION

Tyler D. Caveness

Founder & Principal Advisor

  • B.A. in Economics from Harvard University
  • Licensed Investment Advisor
  • Board of Trustees – North Cross School
  • Board of Directors – Member One Federal Credit Union
  • Past President – North Cross School Alumni Board

As a self-employed advisor and entrepreneur, I walk the same entrepreneurial path you tread each day. I grasp the blend of passion, persistence, and pragmatism that drives your decisions, because it drives mine too. This shared journey offers me unique insight into the challenges and aspirations of fellow self-employed individuals and corporate executives.

When we discuss your financial goals and hurdles, I don’t just offer advice from a textbook perspective; I offer it from a place of genuine understanding and shared experience.

Trust that when you talk, I’m not just listening – I’m truly comprehending the nuances and requirements of your journey.

I understand the angst that can arise when you are trying to plan for investment opportunities, business expansion or acquisition, estate and insurance needs for your family, dealing with business partners, trying to minimize your income tax burden, trying to secure financing for a strategic goal, etc., all while dealing with the day-to-day demands of your valuable time.

My priority is to be your most valuable resource, helping you to cut through the noise and make clear, informed financial decisions that align with your goals.

You are the visionary for your plan, and my mission is to help you hone and implement that vision.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Explore Our Suite of Services

Investment Management

  • Individual Stocks & Bonds

  • Mutual Funds

  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Life, Long-Term Care, and Disability Insurance Planning

  • Self-Employed Health Insurance strategies

Self-Employed Retirement Plans

  • Solo 401(k) Plans

  • SEP-IRA Plans

  • SIMPLE IRA Plans

  • Cash Balance Plans

  • Corporate 401(k) Plans

  • Roth IRAs

  • IRAs

  • Pension Strategies

  • Social Security Optimization

Education Planning & Saving for Minors

  • 529 Plans

  • Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

  • Custodial Accounts (UGMA/UTMA)

  • Minor Roth IRAs

Tax Planning

  • Income Tax Minimization Strategies

  • Tax-efficient investing

  • Tax return review

  • Estate tax strategies

  • Charitable tax strategies

Cash Flow,  Budgeting &  Strategic Financing

  • Annual budget review

  • Business Financial Statement Review

  • Financial Goal Setting

  • Financing strategies

  • Alternative financing solutions

  • Debt consolidation

Estate Planning

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directives

  • Gift strategies

  • Charitable planning

  • Wealth transfer strategies

Executive Benefits Review & Planning

  • Restricted Stock Unit Grants

  • Incentive Stock Options

  • Deferred Compensation Plans

  • Key-Person Policies

  • Split-Dollar Plans

  • Supplemental Retirement Plans

Investment Philosophy

Goal Oriented

When it comes to your financial future, it’s essential to have a clear vision. Just as a captain needs a compass, your investment journey needs direction. Our primary focus is to understand your aspirations and financial goals, whether it’s expanding your business, purchasing your dream home, ensuring a comfortable retirement, leaving a legacy for your loved ones, etc; by embedding these objectives into the heart of your investment strategy, every key decision can then propel you closer to your dreams. With individual stocks, low-cost ETFs, and a blend of assets ranging from equities to alternatives, we are not just managing money; we’re striving to cultivate your dreams into realities.


Everyone’s financial fingerprint is unique, and this deserves an investment strategy that mirrors that distinctiveness. By delving deep into your personal circumstances and risk appetite, we craft a portfolio that’s distinctly yours. And this isn’t just about diversification; it’s about aligning each investment decision with your personal narrative. Whether you have concentrated positions or specific tax concerns, our approach harmonizes tax efficiency with risk management, ensuring that your portfolio is both a reflection and an extension of your personal and financial aspirations.


The financial landscape is ever-evolving, influenced by global events, macroeconomic trends, and a myriad of other factors. Staying ahead of these changes requires vigilance and agility. That’s where our emphasis on proactive macroeconomic analysis comes into play, always looking to the horizon. By continuously monitoring global economic indicators and geopolitical shifts, we can pivot your portfolio to potentially capitalize on opportunities and mitigate risks. In a world that never stands still, it’s important that the team managing your hard-earned wealth doesn’t either.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your practice apart from others?

Firstly, we don't try to be all things to all people. We specialize in serving the needs of the self-employed, having first-hand experience of that journey, and the challenges and opportunities that are inherent with owning a business. There are many facets to the complete financial picture of a self-employed individual, and we exist to simplify your life by providing a dedicated team that can address those many facets, simplify your personal financial management, and provide you with the tools, relationships, and knowledge to make you even more successful long term.

What are your requirements for new clients?

New clients to the practice are typically self-employed with a minimum household income of ~$200,000 per year OR have >$500,000 of investable assets.

What are your fees?

Our practice is fee-based and charges 0.80% - 1.25% of assets under management, subject to the amount managed. We also offer project-based fixed or hourly fees.

Where my funds managed?

Client funds are custodied by Charles Schwab.


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